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Whisper JESUS

Holy is His Name

John Michael Talbot -
  1. My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord
    And my spirit exalts in God my savior
    For he has looked with mercy on my lowliness
    And my name will be forever exalted.
    For the mighty God has done great things for me
    An his mercy will reach from age to age

  2. And holy, holy, holy is His name.

  3. He has mercy in every generation
    He has revealed His power and His glory
    He has cast down the mighty in their arrogance
    And has lifted up the meek and the lowly
    He has come to help His servant Israel
    He remembered His promise to our fathers

  4. And holy, holy, holy is His name.
    And holy, holy, holy is His name.

Come, worship the Lord

John Michael Talbot
  1. Come, worship the Lord
    For we are His people
    The flock that He shepherds

  2. Come, let us sing to the Lord
    And shout with joy to the Rock Who saves us
    Let us come with thanksgiving
    And sing joyful songs to the Lord

  3. The Lord is God, the Mighty God
    The great King for all the gods
    He holds in His hands the depths of the Earth
    And the highest mountains as well
    He made the sea, it belongs to Him
    The dry land too, is formed by His hand

  4. Come, let us bow down and worship
    Bending the knee for the Lord our Maker
    For we are His people
    We are the flock that He shepherds

When its all been said and done

Robin Mark

Oh I Want To Know You More

Cadet Sisters


By Larenelle Harris

  1. Time measured out my days
    Life carried me along
    In my soul I yearned to follow God
    But knew Id never be so strong
    I looked hard at this world
    To learn how heaven could be gained
    Just to end where I began
    Where human effort is all in vain

  2. Chorus
    Were it not for grace
    I can tell you where Id be
    Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere
    With my salvation up to me
    I know how that would go
    The battles I would face
    Forever running but losing this race
    Were it not for grace

  3. So here is all my praise
    Expressed with all my heart
    Offered to the Friend who took my place
    And ran a course I could not start
    And when He saw in full
    Just how much His would cost
    He still went the final mile between me and heaven
    So I would not be lost

  4. Repeat Chorus Forever running but losing this race
    Were it not for grace

Oh, I Want To Know You More

By Steve Green

Well, actually, it's a very profound and important question.

has His chastening and refining Hand in History

and all these events? ... we should carefully examine
THE WHY? of the

rise of radical Islam and terrorism and many natural catastrophes and

disasters, ... including the economic disasters.

is at the very very *center* of all this.

GOD'S Purpose is the refinement [purification] of a remnant.

works with a remnant.

... and the tares go their way to destruction and perdition.

A Thought Poem

(help for the hollow men)

Did you ever notice how everyone tries to “prove” how “right” they are about many things they do not actually know with real certainty. ?

Truly, this is mostly mere foolishness and vanity.

we know that we are mortal and we die.

we know we have this guilt and emptiness inside.

we are the hollow men. let’s admit it.

and only women and children, … and GOD

seems capable of filling

the deep, deep, and unavoidable void at the center

of all things and being.

We are the hollow men. searching for some meaning

and significance in a world gone mad

with self serving lust that utterly defiles all that it touches

such that all that should Be

is pitifully tarnished and twisted beyond recognition.

We are the hollow men. Who or What will change or transform this awful aching alienation?

We who secretly fear utter aloneness more than death.

What can be done for us?

TO WHOM shall we go?

Suddenly, a thought, - a hope beckons at a near yet transcendent distance:

A Thought, - A Voice:

“your Home, your Shalom was lost long ago

when you decided that your will would be your own god.” – “that you would have a dream, - an existence outside of and apart from Me,”

said The EternaL One.

“Return to Me

And I Will fill your void

With Hope & Truth & Love & Reality:

For I AM

The Life,

The Way,

The Truth That Lives Forever.”

all else, - all else is but a vain and passing shadow of flickering lights … and chasing after the wind…

Again He spoke, “you do not know (nor truly understand)

what you think (or profess) you know

UNTIL you have come to a Knowledge of Me

Through surrender

To The only I AM.

“your” “i am” will not Be, but will cease


you find and rightly acknowledge Me.”

said The LORD YahOvah-GOD.

“man without GOD is a vain, - a tragic and very foolish thing.

And so often: even the very religious miss Me,”

said The LORD.

A question for you now, my friend:

What will you do? What will you say? When GOD, - The Measure of all, - The Moral Center and Sovereign of the Universe, - calls you to account?

will you strut your stuff? will you “mightily defend” yourself? and then tell Him “how worthy” you truly are.” ?


will you even DARE to open your mouth before Him. ?

Pure, Radiant, unblemished Righteousness:


No pretense. No shadows. No excuses.

In THAT awesome Moment: will you have an Advocate to exonerate? … … or a prosecutor to convict and condemn? … which will it be ?

Which will it be?

Long ago, The Perfect Victim and Substitute said, (speaking to all) “no one comes to [is reconciled to] The Father

EXCEPT BY ME.” … no one.

Please understand the truth:

you don’t appeal to “your own” “innocence”

or “righteousness” or “your” “goodness.”

not at all.

you are a hollow man (with many excuses), …

And yet JESUS says, “Come unto Me.” …

… and then He leaves the choice to you.

What will you do? What is your answer?

your heart, … your very soul must give

the answer.

And He will perfectly & righteously

Judge accordingly.

Len Hummel 11/16/2008