Lynne's Testimony

Here is a Dramatic Portion of Lynne's Testimony That Describes Her Astounding and Life-Changing Encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in an Open Vision . . . Hope You Enjoy This; I Assure You: It's All True! ... JESUS Is Very Real!

The Lamb of the center of the Throne

The Lamb of the center of the Throne: The Lamb of the center of the Throne...

The 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit

The 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit...

After I finally got enough rest I started studying for my Sunday school lesson. The teacher’s manual directed me to read the book of Esther in the Old Testament. I had never read this beautiful and inspiring story of a lady who was used to save her people from destruction. I was very touched by this Bible story and prayed that God might be pleased to use me in some small way. As I prayed and earnestly sought the Lord, I sensed an awesome presence of the Lord in the room where I was. Even in this house where I had also seen and sensed the powers of darkness operating, I could now greatly and unmistakably sense the power of GOD and the holiness of His Presence. Immediately, I got on my face and started to worship Jesus. His presence was very real and strong as I lay face-down on the floor. Then I raised my head and looked up. There, just a few feet in front of me stood the Saviour. It was Jesus! How do I know it was Jesus? He needs no introduction! His feet were like brass; He had sandals that were laced up His legs. He had on a long white linen garment of the finest linen I had ever seen. Across His chest down to His waist was a golden breastplate of the finest, purest gold I had ever seen. It was made in a ‘fleur de les’ design, and it was all so stunningly beautiful and awesome to behold! Jesus was just as John the beloved disciple had described Him in the book of Revelation. (tho I had not gotten that far in reading the Bible yet, so I didn’t know about that description until later)

I looked down at the floor and cried out, “Your righteousness, Lord, is too much for me!” I felt like a filthy rage at His feet. He didn’t come to make me feel that way but the holiness that radiated from His whole being would make any mere human feel that way.

He spoke two words to me and only two,“Look up!” I answered, “I can’t Lord, Your righteousness is too much for me.” Then He spoke again, “LOOK UP!” This time His voice was like John had described it, "as the sound of many waters," with such overwhelming power and authority that I could not resist it. Then I looked up at the face of JESUS.

His hair was white, like wool, it reached His shoulders. His face shown with the glory and light of God and was so very bright and radiant that there was a thin veil suspended in mid-air between myself and His face, because I believe the brightness of His countenance would have literally blinded me. As He looked at me I felt a power of GREAT LOVE flooding my entire being; my broken heart was being healed. The balm of Gilead was being poured out upon me. My inner man was being strengthened with a healing power I had never known. All my fears were overcome as I beheld the majesty and power of the Creator and Lord of all. What a change was taking place inside of me! I knew that I would truly never be the same.

The visitation from the Lord only lasted a few moments and then He vanished from my physical sight but never ever from my memory. His words, “Look up!” have remained as my guide all my days from then even to this very moment. You can’t see Him, Jesus, The LORD YESHUA, in His magnificent glory, power and holiness and remain the same. I, who was so weak emotionally, so broken, wounded and rejected, who had been so sinful was touched eternally and irrevocably by one look from the Saviour Who literally upholds all things by the power of HIS WORD.

After the visitation and vision of Jesus I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts were overwhelmed with awe of what I had seen and experienced. When I finally was able to settle down for some sleep the strange noises and door slamming, etc. started to happen again and more than the night before and continued until dawn. Exhausted because of no sleep I took my few belongings and left the house and went and parked in front of Pastor Spann’s home. I fell asleep in my car. When I awoke and knew that the Spann’s were also awake I asked if I could come back and said that I’d rather sleep in my car than stay in the other home. I was accepted and also told that they knew that the house had spirits and groups from the church had gone there before to pray over that house. I was a little upset that they had not warned me first of this but I thought that maybe the Lord wanted me there, alone, so He could visit me as He did and touch me wonderfully with His Love. In any case, I had a new understanding of the power of the evil one but more than that I also had seen and experienced the glory and power of God in Jesus Christ, the eternal and risen Saviour.


What you will find below as a follow-up to all this is some of the main
research I have done on this particular area that has truly enormous implications: It is in regards to GOD GIVING CLEAR SIGNS AND INDICATIONS that Yeshua WAS THE FINAL SACRIFICE FOR SINS and that HaShem WAS NO LONGER HONORING THE OLD ORDER OF EVENTS that required animal-blood sacrifices in the Temple. The clear implications of what the Talmud commentary in Yoma 39:b states is that during THE 40 YEAR PERIOD between the death of Yeshua (30 AD) and the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem (in 70 AD) was accompanied by the remarkable signs clearly indicated in the below quotes and research. Look it over carefully for yourself, ... you will not find a more remarkable and dramatic testimony to THE HISTORIC SIGNFICIANCE of the death of The Lamb of GOD . . .and it is found in the historic commentaries of the Talmud itself, - a source of great hostility to the messianic claims of Yeshua, the Messiah.

Everyone is urged to investigate these things for themselves...

B.R. Burton

The Talmud, a gigantic library of ancient Rabbinic commentary, is composed of the Mishnah, a legal commentary on the Torah codified around 120 AD, and the Gemara, a commentary on the Mishnah, which was finalized around 400 - 500AD. A multitude, if not a majority, of the traditions recorded in these texts, however, existed in the time of Yeshua, and represent major influential currents in the theology of Judaism in the Second Temple period. As such, the Talmud is very helpful in the study of the New Testament. In recent years, a flurry of modern scholarship, both Jewish and Christian, has rapidly developed in this field, and numerous articles and books have been published on the subject. Contained within the Talmud, and even throughout the entire scope of Rabbinic literature, a large number of striking parallels to the New Testament emerge, illuminating the ancient understanding of the teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth, and opening a window into the text of the Gospels and writings of Shaul of Tarsus. In the midst of this connection between the Talmud and the New Testament, a scarlet thread has ignited a new facet of an ancient debate.

The controversial scarlet thread figures prominently in the center of miraculous events that took place in the Second Temple. The Talmud records the Yom Kippur Temple ritual concerning the thread, and the miracles surrounding it:
"R. Nahman b. Isaac said it was the tongue of scarlet’, as it has been taught: ‘Originally they used to fasten the thread of scarlet on the door of the [Temple] court on the outside.28 If it turned white the people used to rejoice,29 and if it did not turn white they were sad. They therefore made a rule that it should be fastened to the door of the court on the inside. People, however, still peeped in and saw, and if it turned white they rejoiced and if it did not turn white they were sad. They therefore made a rule that half of it should be fastened to the rock and half between the horns of the goat that was sent [to the wilderness]’. . . . If you assume It was R. Johanan b. Zaccai [who made the rule], was there in the days of R. Johanan b. Zaccai a thread of scarlet [which turned white]? Has it not been taught: ‘R. Johanan b. Zaccai lived altogether a hundred and twenty years. For forty years he was in business, forty years he studied, and forty years he taught’, and it has further been taught: ‘For forty years before the destruction of the Temple {30AD to 70AD} the thread of scarlet never turned white but it remained red’. Further, the statement of the Mishnah is, ‘After the destruction of the Temple R. Johanan b. Zaccai made a rule’. [What says] the other [to this]? — During those forty years that he studied his status was that of a disciple sitting before his teacher, and he would offer a suggestion and make good his reasons."

(28) After the High Priest had performed the service on the Day of Atonement. V. Yoma, 67a.

(29) This being a sign that their sins had been forgiven.
Rosh HaShanah 31b, Babylonian Talmud, Soncino Press Edition

Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day in all of Judaism, and was central to the kapparah (covering) of the sins of Israel. The scarlet thread, as explained in the above passage, miraculously turned white if Adonai accepted the sacrifice, thus indicating that He forgave the sins of the people. If the thread did not turn white, then they were sad, as their sins were not forgiven.
This section in the Talmud divides this time into three periods of 40 years, coinciding with the life of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai. A similar division of years is applied to Moshe, Rabbi Leading up to the last set of forty years when the scarlet thread ceased altogether, the miracle sporadically occurred.

What is extremely significant, or "coincidental", is that the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Yeshua of Nazareth, whom a first-century apocalyptic sect of Judaism believed was the Messiah, was crucified circa 30 AD. The "coincidence" is now obvious, the scarlet thread finally ceased turning white at the time Yeshua was crucified.

Shalom and God bless

Len & Lynne Hummel

Clearlight Cleansing Fire Ministries

* Jeremiah 9:23-26 *

* Philippians 1:6, & 9-11 *